Fearless Innovation

Challenging Conventions

Innovation is in our blood. It’s who we are. Whether it’s pioneering aluminum frame technology, inventing a better kind of bottom bracket, or improving fork performance by eliminating an entire side, Cannondale has spent the last 4 decades upending the status quo in the pursuit of the perfect ride.

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    Or perhaps more precisely, these are bikes made of dreams…our dreams. They are our passion projects; our finest frames, kitted out ultra-premium components and brought to life in glorious black and chrome. They are the bikes we build to make ourselves happy as much as anything because, for bike geeks like us, the only thing more fun than getting to create the ultimate, cost-is-no-object dream machines, is riding them.

    So, if you’re someone who believes in living their dreams, we invite you to share in the sublime perfection of ours — the 2016 Black Inc. Collection.

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